A series of album covers I created, based on my favorite track from each of, musician, Porter Robinson’s albums. Each of his albums have a different sound and aesthetic, so I wanted to create a series of covers that would encapsulate the songs overall vibe.

These covers were created by hand with acrylic paints, multiple types of pencils and charcoals. I used paint markers without the nibs and started throwing paint at paper. I then used a spray bottle to further distort the paint. After letting it dry, I would do the next layer and so on. I created multiple different pieces for each album cover, until I found one I thought fit the best. From there, I overlayed the textures on top the image, and created the “obi strip” with the text. For the text, I took different typefaces, printed out the track of the title, and proceeded to trace over it. I wanted to continue the handmade feeling and thought it would add
some extra texture.